Our values

Existential and instrumental values ​​that guide our behavior.

… existential principles that guide our behavior.

Strict attachment to the principles to guarantee an exemplary conduct before related shareholders, workers, clients, suppliers, contractors, cooperatives and other beings.
  • HONESTY: handling of resources and goods.
  • TRANSPARENCY: in the administrative and commercial acts.
  • FULFILLMENT: strict in agreements and commitments.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: when assuming commitments that can be fulfilled and when assuming with integrity the consequences of our decisions and activities.

Permanent search of the highest quality level.

  • SATISFACTION OF THE CLIENT: it gives of the product or service with the decided requirements.
  • LEADERSHIP: opportune spreading of the sense of direction, effective mechanisms of communication, delegation, control and surrender of account.
  • EFFICIENCY:  in resource management.
  • IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION:  processes and services.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: to apply knowledge and skills, best practices and technologies.
  • COMPETITIVENESS:  offer competitive prices.
To recognize our people and her intellectual capital and moral like the most important source of value on which one sustains to the excellence and the competitive leadership.
  • RESPECT: fundamental rights, human and professional dignity.
  • AWARDS: performance excellence.
  • TALENT DEVELOPMENT: offer growth opportunities , personal and professional self-realization.
  • TRUST : to participate in decision-making and open communication practice.
  • MUTUAL COMMITMENT: based on fair and equitable relationships that allow mutual realization company-worker.
  • JOY AT WORK: consider as legitimate and productive.
improving, preserving and protecting the health, safety and welfare at work, and the environment.
  • RESPECT FOR SAFETY AT WORK: respecting and enforcing policies and procedures for the prevention and control of accidents that threaten the life and safety of our people and our assets.
  • RESPECT FOR HEALTH AT WORK: respecting and enforcing policies and procedures for the prevention and control of factors that can cause occupational diseases or affect the health or welfare of our people.
  • RESPECT FOR RECREATION, USE OF LEISURE TIME AND REST: to improve the quality of life of our people and their families, as added value to the work.
  • RESPECT FOR THE BALANCE ACTIVITIES-ENVIRONMENT: Assessing the impact of our activities on the environment and adopting the best technological options to harmonize and maintain balance.

Promote the integral development of local communities.

  • IMPROVE COMMUNITIES LIVING CONDITIONS: assisting community members in carrying out activities aimed at improving their living conditions, and improving infrastructure and services.
  • PROMOTION OF ACTIVITIES: participating in the promotion of education, culture, healthcare , sports and technical assistance for the improvement of administrative management functions and social activities.