We are able to offer a highly specialized service, with the backing of our management and technical Talent certificate; our facilities equipped with high technology and our working procedures framed within the national and international standards.

We have the technology and human talent necessary to prevent any kind of failure in their machines.

We perform procedures designed to predict the behavior of their teams, by monitoring and ongoing supervision.

  • Overhaul Gas Turbine, Steam and Generators.
  • Repair rotating equipment.
  • Balancing rotating equipment.
  • Repair Fuel Systems.
  • Review Turbines conditions.
  • Technical Field Services.
  • Plant Stops Management: Planning, Scheduling, Execution and Closure (World Class Maintenance Practice).
  • Diagnosis of Maintenance Management: planning, organization, execution and control.
  • Design Maintenance Plans.
  • Contracts for long-term maintenance.
  • Support long-term maintenance.
  • Modernization and/or replacement of control systems.
  • Financing, at any stage of the value chain.
  • Operation Services turbines.
  • Leasing turbines.
  • Supplying new or rebuilt parts Modular.
  • Supply for Generating Plants.

Under the philosophy of integral care machinery, we offer the services needed to ensure optimum results on every job.

During the duration of the warranty we verify that the equipment operates effectively in line with customer requirements.